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Charmed Lifestyle are the UK's favourite 'special occasion' store. We have everything from unique gift ideas for newborns, weddings and birthdays to special event keepsakes for all of life's events, ensuring you will find something that is just that bit more special and sentimental.

Our mission is to help you create memories and moments that last forever.

We have many perfect gifts that can be used as a beautiful reminder of someone special too.

Keepsakes and Gifts

We want to help people say goodbye to their loved ones in the most beautiful way possible, as well as to help them work through their grief at such a sensitive time. Our extensive range is here to ensure your memory will never be forgotten.

Photo Albums

We have gorgeous and unique photo albums for every special occasion in life too - weddings, baby scan albums, special birthdays and anniversaries, all handmade in-house by our little team of creatives!


Our gifts & jewellery collections are beautifully packaged, so our gift is your gift, no matter the occasion! We offer a large range of memorial gifts to show someone special that you care.

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